Bonnie Peter’s baby massage was truly beneficial for Colin, who suffered constant pressure from bowel blockage. Bonnie relieved it with massage, which eased the pain and relaxed him. Through touch, Bonnie detected pressure where it shouldn’t have been, and suggested we get it checked out. Finally, at almost two years of age he was properly diagnosed and had surgery. Baby massage helped us survive those years. I’ll never have another baby without massage from the start!

Dale Larmour

Delaney loved the massage, both the tummy and the full body massage. Crying time has been greatly reduced. I will continue to massage her, it makes her feel so good – the video is great.

Shannon Wergeland

It worked, he loves massage, and he’s a new baby. You should see him now. He almost never cries and doesn’t scream at all anymore.

Tammy Sheppard

I have time to bond with quality with my baby now. When asked if she thought massage helped her baby, her answer – Totally, I thank you so much. He is much happier baby now.

Maureen Van Den Dool

She is so much better. I found that massage helps with everything. She doesn’t spit-up near as much anymore either.

Michelle Paquette

Now Taylor sleeps through the night. He really enjoys massage. Has a bowel movement every day rather than 1 every 2 days. Massage works. I’m so glad I did this for my baby.

Denise Shorting

It’s incredible. I can’t tell you what a difference massage has made. I have just been so happy. I thought after the first massage that maybe this is just coincidence that it worked so well. But now I’m convinced. My 3 year old also is being massaged and loving it.

Heather Calder

Both my husband and I see a huge difference. He’s gained weight (Morgan was a premature birth) very well. I can finally go shopping now. Before we massaged Morgan, he would scream the whole time we were anywhere. He’s a different baby. He completely turned around 2 days after starting massage. He wakes up to be fed, but not screaming as before, not at all. Morgan loves his massage.

Sandy Jenzen

Massage has been a lifesaver at times. It’s like a miracle how Dylan instantly changes to a totally different baby, talking and smiling. He gets mad when you stop massaging. Massage definitely works. The video was very helpful, especially for my husband. Our whole family now knows a way of calming Dylan down or bonding with him when they are babysitting. Dylan is a happier baby now.

Sara Janzen