Sixteen infants were followed through a treatment time of two weeks. The initial discomfort these colicky babies felt was reported on a scale of 1 to 10. Reports ranged from 10 (to describe severe discomfort) down to 4, with 7 being the average discomfort level at the start of the treatment. In all cases, improvement following the Peters technique of massage was reported. While some cases (3) reported improvement within the 2 weeks, (15) reported drastic improvement almost immediately.

Baby Massage - Pain Level Chart

The Peters Technique

These are the eighteen cases of treatment for babies in my clinic, followed by 2 weeks at-home massage given by the mom or dad or both. There are 10 cases highlighted below which show the remedy at a glance. For each case, the baby’s name is followed by the mother’s name in brackets.

  • Emma (Michelle) from a discomfort level of 4 to level 1 “so much better” after 1st week of massage.
  • Derian (Carrie) from a discomfort level of 7 to level 1 “doing so much better now…enjoys massage very much” after 2 weeks of massage.
  • Robbie (Julie) from discomfort level of 7 to level 1 after 2 weeks of massage.
  • Delaney (Shannon) from a discomfort level of 7 down to a level 1-2, “very happy, I can show my baby off now, take her out” after 2 days.
  • Megan (Amber) from discomfort level of 6-7 down to a level 1 “This is great, she just kept getting better and better starting the first day” after first week.
  • Mansahil (Hardeep) from discomfort level of 6-7 down to level 1 after 2 days.
  • Lance (Shelley) from discomfort level of 6 down to level 1 “I’m so happy I did this for my baby.” after first day.
  • Ryan (Terry) from discomfort level of 6 down to level 3 (diagnosis of infection by specialist, medical attention and medication required, massage continued when Ryan’s fever was gone).
  • Nathan (Tammy) from discomfort level of 7 down to level of 1 after 2 weeks (intermittent stops due to flu).
  • Jamie (Paula) from discomfort level of 6-7 down to level 1 “I’m so happy and my baby is so happy, massage is great”. after 3 days.

The treatment you will learn has been coined, “the Peters technique”. Showing detailed graphics to guide you and infants being treated by Bonnie Peters, RMT, this DVD has won awards for excellence in the US and Canada.
The Peters technique of abdominal massage has been proven in studies with infants who cried for 2 to a heartbreaking 10 hours a day, this technique had them sleeping quietly and pain free with the first treatment, after 2 treatments colic symptoms were gone.

One mother said it this way, “he still cries to be fed but he doesn’t scream at all anymore”. Daily treatment provided by you, the caregiver, will not only keep the child colic free but build a loving bond of secure attachment between mother and child.

This technique, derived from an intense study of anatomy and physiology and a practical knowledge of the influence massage can have on the function of the digestive system, is nevertheless simple to learn and easy to apply.

Bonnie's Experience

Bonnie’s experience in treating infants taught her that constipation has much to do with colic. She believes that matter, whether it is solid, liquid or gaseous, is trapped within the loops of the large intestine. The matter doesn’t have enough substance and the body is not active enough to move it through the underdeveloped digestive system. The matter becomes a toxic irritant within the intestine and causes the painful spasms we know as colic. What is required is some encouragement in the form of massage to assist the movement of matter through the large intestine and to enhance the immature functioning of the digestive system. It becomes most evident that the treatment is working when babies are relieved with large expellations of gas or even a bowel movement either directly after or during treatment.

In 1989, Dr Barry Lester, PHD in the Division of biology and Medicine in Brown University, who now runs a clinic for families suffering with colic, wrote in one of his first books – “An inability to produce a categorical medical cause for colic has led to medical professionals prescribing treatment, which ranges from drug prescriptions to alcohol, and to more holistic remedies. What had not been examined, however, IS THE HANDS ON APPROACH OF EXTERNALLY ASSISTING THE MOVEMENT OF MATTER WITHIN THE LARGE INTESTINE.”

Please don’t be fooled by just any baby or even abdominal massage – most are simply not affecting anything helpful and some are actually working against the correct flow. The Peters technique is the only abdominal massage designed and perfected by a Registered Massage Therapist with a full five years of schooling and many more years of research and practical knowledge with countless infant patients.

The technique is easy to learn and repeated twice daily for 20 minutes, will keep your baby happy through the colic time. It works every time. Bonnie developed this video to offer help to all parents and babies caught up in a cycle of pain.